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          One-stop Instore Solution

          About Us
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          Registered Add XIAMEN, CHINA
          Main Market U.S., EURO, SOUTH EAST ASIA
          Number of Employees 1-50 People
          Annual sales US$2 Million - US$5 Million
          Established in 2006
          • We manufacture, design & source retail solutions

          About us

          XIAMEN LINK-TRIP COMMERCE CO., LTD. is a Chinese-based retail store display rack manufacturer. Focus on both shop design of brand unique character building, and customized retail shop display rack production.

          From the moment we started, We understand styles matter for branding. The right fixture can build a connection between your customers and your brand, encouraging purchase and boosting sales. Over the years, we cooperate with global brands, architects, interior designers, and shoplifters to create different styles of numerous brands.

          With budget in mind, we help your brand stand out among the competition via smart, stylish and effective merchandising. 

          The international reputation of uncompromising quality, and timely delivery, benefit from our 30,000 square meter modern manufacturing facility with joinery, paint, metal, acrylic, and full inspection management of each individual item.

          We are devoted to provide the best service and products to our customers. Not just to sell things to them, but take care when the products arrive at the shops and stores. Our display products are made with high-quality materials and passed restrict test before shipment. We will take all the responsibility to guarantee the our store fixture. 

          What we do.

          We provide one stop in-store solutions service, including dramatic shop design, manufacturing of retail interiors display rack to win a successful and sales driving retail presence.
          If you retail strategy and fixture design are already in place, we can also provide I have a pure manufacturing or sourcing service to help lower your cost.
          Every brand is different and we service are tailored precisely for your needs, expectations and budget!


          Specially in bespoken services.

          Whether your need is a high-profile POP display or a simple merchandising rack. We have the capability to design and produce customized displays to present your product and represent your company with an image of quality on the retail floor.

          Our in-house capabilities include wire, tubing and sheet metal fabrication, MIG, TIG, and resistance welding and powder coating. Our designers are experienced in creating designs that are not only space efficient but they appreciate the necessity of designing easy to erect displays.

          We can choose for you the best process for your product and budget. Metalwork, Joinery, Acrylic Fabrication as well as Wire ware are all part of our finished product process.


          Please call or email across your requirements.

          Get the latest price? We'll respond as soon as possible(within 12 hours)

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