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          Buy Clothes Display Rack Customized

          Buy Clothes Display Rack Customized

          Which display rack should I choose in a specialty store?

          I. Stainless steel display stand: But relative to his effect, the price is still acceptable. Of course, some stainless steel materials are also used for the effect, which feels very good.

          2. Titanium alloy display stand: Use high-grade titanium alloy profiles, glass, wooden boards, hardware accessories, etc. This is essential, it is a must-have. Usually suitable for corporate exhibition halls and wide-angle conferences, etc. Features: fast installation, convenient disassembly; good display space, boutique display racks can be designed and manufactured according to the needs of goods and space, titanium display racks make your products more eye-catching, high-end, The store is luxurious and brilliant!

          Third, the wooden display rack: the most used, but also the most common wood, plywood, MDF, etc., it has good adjustability, can make a variety of shapes and effects, the price is relatively cheap, and easy to obtain However, there are disadvantages. It is relatively heavy. It is not easy to move whether it is a display cabinet or a display cabinet.

          Fourth, glass display rack: glass frame, we casually go to a shopping mall to see, basically all display racks are equipped with glass, which is also related to the glass itself is cheaper, and the display cabinet made of glass is better, has A certain transparency effect can give people a feeling of relatively large space, but it is also relatively thick and clumsy like wood, and it is also easy to break. Be careful during the production and transportation of display racks.


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