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          One-stop Instore Solution

          China Customized display rack Suppliers

          China Customized display rack Suppliers

          The display cabinet customization process is generally divided into four parts: design, production, installation and after-sales service.

          The design includes: floor plan, effect drawing, construction drawing, and the production will start after the design is confirmed. After the production is completed, the inspection will be notified, and the on-site inspection or video image inspection will be carried out. Installation and placement, then follow-up after-sales service.

          The display rack is used for display as its name, the main purpose is to highlight the brand, function, characteristics and advantages of the displayed product (commodity). It can be understood that the display rack is for the purpose of driving shop buyers or visitors.

          The display rack is only for displaying products (commodities), mainly for more logical display and storage of products (commodities). It can be understood that the display rack is centered on the products (commodities) displayed.


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