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          Supply Cheap retail store rack

          Supply Cheap retail store rack

          How to put good effect on retail store rack


          Facing the customer (measures): The front of the product (the side with clear product name, pattern, and rich colors) should be upright or adjusted according to different heights so that the front is facing the customer; the direction is consistent and the boundary is aligned: the display faces of the same product are facing Be consistent. The demarcation line between two adjacent goods should be clear at a glance, and cross-mixing is strictly prohibited; the front end of the displayed goods and the left and right demarcation lines should be straight.

          2. plump and beautiful

          Filling the gap forward: In general, the space occupied by the product should occupy 1/2 of the allocated display space. After the front-end product is sold, the back-end product should be displayed on the front-end in time. In the event of an out of stock, you can use the best-selling products of the same kind (or the adjacent products to the left and right of the display) to fill the out of stock space.

          3. The top layer is neat: the goods displayed on the top of the shelf can be divided into the outer layer and the inner layer. The outer layer is close to the edge of the shelf and faces the aisle. The inner layer height must not exceed the outer layer. The deviation is not more than 10 cm, and the demonstration of the product is the main thing; the display height of each top layer should be basically the same.) The top floor of the adjacent channel is the product demonstration area.

          4. Classified display

          Correct classification: correct classification of products, generally according to the classification order of category, brand, size and color.


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